Revelation Of The Marriage Of The Lamb

An urgent message for pastors, leaders and believers!

The book

Revelation of the Marriage of the Lamb is a prophetic book for the believer searching for truth which many times is distorted in a sea of Chrisitian denominations. It intends to show how the Bible is one book: complete, continuous  and eternal; without options of re-structuring it to one's personal taste, belief or opinion. It's a book that explains Biblical things lost with man-made traditions, mindsets, culture, lack of knowledge or simply with the passing of time, all of which can easily be verified with the Bible and God Himself...... if one wants.

Indispensible for believers

Read things such as:

- Why Christians don't see promises of health and abundance fulfilled in thier lives.

- The misunderstanding of what the tithe is and how it's misused.

- The mechanics of Jesus's salvation that the church does not understand.

- The 7 givings of God unknown to the modern church.